2017 Calendar of Events

To make a reservation for an upcoming event, please visit our online calendar or call the Chamber at 776-8829.  We invite you to join us as your time allows.

Date                             Event                                                                                      
January 6                     1st Friday New Member Spotlight
January 12                   Leadership Manhattan Welcome Reception (Class and Alumni)
January 19-21              Leaders’ Retreat in Kansas City
January 26                   Good Morning Manhattan
January 26                   MRC/JC MAC Combined Breakfast on Fort Riley                                             
January 31                   Women in Business ‘Rotating Roundtables’ Luncheon   

February 8                   Business After Hours
February 9                   Manhattan Young Professionals - Wine Tasting                                                   
February 17                 92nd Annual Meeting & Banquet
February 25                 Legislative Update                                    

March 1                        Military Relations Committee (MRC) Lunch
March 2                        Networking on Purpose by Beth Bridges                                
March 8                        Business After Hours                                                   
March 16                      Good Morning Manhattan                                             
March 28                      Morning Schmingle                                                      

April 1                           Legislative Update
April 5                           Military Relations Committee (MRC) Lunch
April 6                          Leadership Manhattan Graduation (Class and Alumni)
 April 7                          1st Friday New Member Spotlight 
April 11                         Member/Guest                                                             
April 12                         Business After Hours                                                   
April 20                         Member Orientation                                                     
April 24-28                    National Volunteer Week

May 3                           Military Relations Committee (MRC) Lunch
May 4                           Women in Business ‘Rotating Roundtables’ Luncheon   
May 10                         Business After Hours                                                    
May 18                         Good Morning Manhattan                                             
May 23                         Morning Schmingle                                                      

June 7                          Military Relations Committee (MRC) Lunch
June 14                        Business After Hours                                                   
June 22                        Member Orientation                                                  

July 12                          Business After Hours                                                   
July 20                          Good Morning Manhattan!                                            
July 25                          Morning Schmingle                                                      
July 26                          Member/Guest                                                             

August 4                       1st Friday New Member Spotlight 
August 9                       Business After Hours                                                   
August 22                     Member Orientation                                                     
August 30                     Women in Business ‘Rotating Roundtables’ Luncheon   

September 6                 Military Relations Committee (MRC) Lunch
September 13               Business Showcase                                                     
September 19               Morning Schmingle                                                      
September 21               Good Morning Manhattan!                                            
September 27-28          6th Annual Volunteer Delivery Blitz 

October 4                      Military Relations Committee (MRC) Lunch
October 11                    Business After Hours                      
October 18                    Member/Guest                                                             
October 23-27               Member Appreciation Week                  
October 24                    Member Orientation                                                     
October 25                    A Day of World Class Leadership Development         

November 1                  Military Relations Committee (MRC) Lunch
November 3                  1st Friday New Member Spotlight 
November 8                  Business After Hours                                                   
November 16                Good Morning Manhattan!                                            
November 28                Morning Schmingle                                                       

December 6                  Military Relations Committee (MRC) Lunch
December 7                  Women in Business ‘Rotating Roundtables’ Luncheon   
December 12                Member Orientation                                                     
December 13                   Business After Hours     

Contact the Membership Division for more details at (785) 776-8829.

* All dates and locations are subject to change.