Classroom-to-Career Partnership

Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce and USD 383

Inspire your future workforce and engage with our area schools to enhance teaching and learning! Sponsor a fourth-grade class in USD 383 for the 2017-2018 school year.  

This pilot program is designed to strengthen the relationship between our local schools and members of the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce. Our goal is to get kids thinking about possible careers at an early age —especially careers here in our region!

How the Program Works:
Businesses will be paired with a classroom (or multiple classrooms). Together, businesses and teachers will decide how to work together. Below are the three interactions we hope will happen — The rest is up to you!

  • Early in the Year — Visit the class to introduce what you do and who you serve. Hand out partnership
    T-shirts with your logo on the back, and if it is appropriate for the type of work you do, invite students and their families to visit your operation. If you don’t have an operation conducive to visitors (especially children), you might want to show a photo of your building or what your trucks look like to help students spot you in the community.

  • Mid-Year — Have team members come to the school to speak about what you do, careers in your company, and how students can start preparing now for careers in your industry. Feel free to bring videos or show-and-tell items to engage students visually in your presentation!

  • In the Spring — The partnership will bus students to your business for a field trip to tour your business and see your team in action. If your site wouldn’t be appropriate for a class to visit, the funds can be used to sponsor the busing of another class field trip (possibly related to the work you do). Your team might even be able to come along and enjoy the fun!   

What’s In It For My Business?
Your business will receive many opportunities for brand visibility:

  • Your logo will be featured on your class’s partnership shirts and on the physical classroom door
  • You’ll get classroom time throughout the year to excite students about careers in your industry and the work you do in our community
  • You’ll have many opportunities to feature your involvement with the students on your company’s social media platforms (Student/teacher privacy rules will apply)
  • You may be included in articles in the media and via the school district’s social media platforms
  • You’ll get to know a group of curious students, who will in turn tell their friends and family about all they learn about your business and careers in your industry

The Partnership Is What You Make of It!
The more time and collaboration your team puts in working with the teacher and helping to enhance what she/he does every day, the greater the results.  

Partnership Kickoff: September (Date TBA)
Look for a kickoff party in September when businesses will meet their classroom teachers. At that time, we will go over social media guidelines and provide ideas of how you could work together with your class.

What Do the Program Fees Support?
The $499 sponsorship fee will be used entirely in your classroom. This sponsorship pays for T-shirts and busing for a field trip. The remainder goes in a fund the teacher can use to enhance the classroom experience and provide incentives to excite students about learning.

We encourage businesses of all sizes to participate! Businesses can sponsor one class, pair up with another local business and split the sponsorship fee, or choose to sponsor multiple classrooms.

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