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Women in Business Presents The Ripple Effect!

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How the Ripple Effect Speaker Series Works

  • The Leadercast: Ripple Effect Speaker Series is a series of videos followed by a scheduled Zoom post-event discussion we've called Leaderchats. The series will happen once a month beginning on March 31.
  • Register for this series and ahead of each episode date we will send you a video to watch and a link to the post-event discussion Leaderchats where participants can share thoughts, feedback, experiences. Participants will receive the link to view the speakers on Friday and will have until Tuesday to watch the content. The optional Zoom Leaderchat will occur on Wednesday at noon.
  • There are so many ways to tap into the leadership knowledge of this group and our local community through the post-event. Sign up for the entire series or choose from single tickets.

Single tickets are $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

Speakers & Single Ticket Registration

  • Speaker: Randi Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media and Former Director of Market Development at Facebook. Receive the link: Friday, March 26 - Leaderchat on Wednesday, March 31. Register for Randi Zuckerberg.
  • Speaker: Bonnie St. John, Paralympian, Best-Selling Author and Business Consultant. Receive the link: Friday, April 23 - Leaderchat on Wednesday, April 28. Register for Bonnie St. John.
  • Speaker: Radha Agrawal, Author, Entrepreneur, and Co-Founder and CEO of Daybreaker. Receive the link: Friday, May 21, Leaderchat on Wednesday, May 26. Register for Radha Agrawal.
  • Speaker: Tiffany Dufu, Former Chief Leadership Officer to Levo, Best-Selling Author, and Founder and CEO of The Cru. Receive the link: Friday, June 25, Leaderchat on Wednesday, June 30. Register for Tiffany Dufu.
  • Speaker: Stephanie Mehta, Editor-in-Chief of Fast Company. Receive the link: Friday, July 23, Leaderchat on Wednesday, July 28. Register for Stephanie Mehta.
  • Speaker: Abby Wambach, Women's Soccer Legend, Best-Selling Author and Founder, Wolfpack Endeavor. Receive the link: Friday, August 20, Leaderchat on Wednesday, August 25. Register for Abby Wambach.

Book Club Study

Burnout Book CoverJoin us for a 9 week book club study of:
Burnout: The secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle
By Emily and Amelia Nagoski

This groundbreaking book explains why women experience burnout differently than men-and provides a simple, science-based plan to help women minimize stress, manage emotions, and live a more joyful life.

With the help of eye-opening science, prescriptive advice, and helpful worksheets and exercises, all women will find something transformative in these pages-and will be empowered to create positive change. Emily and Amelia aren't here to preach the broad platitudes of expensive self-care or insist that we strive for the impossible goal of "having it all." Instead, they tell us that we are enough, just as we are-and that wellness, true wellness, is within our reach.

The book clubs will meet virtually once a week for 9 weeks for one hour to discuss each chapter. The clubs will be smaller as a way to network and make new friends! All clubs will begin the week of January 25. Books can be purchased through our Chamber members Claflin Books or WalMart.

If you are interested in joining a book club please contact Sharla Meisenheimer via email for placement. 


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