Benefits of Power Our Potential

Delineate Benefits Derived from Advantage Manhattan Initiative

The economic development programs of the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce in the preceding years have been funded and guided by the public and private sector. Recent studies of highly effective economic development programs across America indicate that joint partnerships between public and private sectors are the best model for increased economic growth. The public sector's funding will continue and work with the private sector to leverage increased success.

Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce commits to a program of work with dramatic impacts for the Manhattan area for the next five years. In addition to increased national and regional awareness of the Manhattan area, our key economic development goals for 2017 through 2021 are detailed as follows:

Advantage Manhattan "Power Our Potential" Goals 2017 to 2021

  • Complete and Implement Community Driven Economic Development Plan
  • Implement Economic Development business tracking system
  • Improve workforce by reduction of open jobs
  • Number of primary jobs to be created: 600 for five-year period
  • Targeted annual salaries of primary jobs greater than $60,000
  • Number of secondary jobs created based on primary job creation: 465 for five-year period
  • Targeted annual salaries of secondary jobs greater than $35,000
  • New commercial capital investment generated $300 million
  • Business retention and expansion visits all investors

Please note: 2015 annual average wages (Manhattan MSA) was $39,980 as reported by Kansas Labor Information Center.