Investment Return

How Your Investment Will Be Spent

Five-year cost for Advantage Manhattan "Power Our Potential" is $3 million minimum invested by the private sector. The area's businesses, individuals, institutions, civic groups, and foundations are asked to invest in this economic development program.

Each investment request based on individual investor's stake in the community, Advantage Manhattan "Power Our Potential" components, projected return on investment and projected community and economic development enhancements that accrue to the region because of the program. Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce's Board with input from the investors will be the organization to ensure accountability for funding and outcome.

Investment Spending (2017 Through 2021) Advantage Manhattan "Power Our Potential" Proposed Five-Year Budget

  • Community Driven Economic Development Plan: $150,0000 first year only
  • Business Health: $130,000/year
  • Workforce Solutions: $136,000/year
  • Advocacy and Outreach: $85,000/year
  • Regionalism and Partnerships: $89,000/year
  • Business Recruitment/Entrepreneurship: $130,000/year

Please note: Total $3 million five-year budget -  Total represents minimum investment to put initial priorities in place. Target is to exceed the minimum threshold in order to expand the effectiveness of all six initiatives.

Chamber's economic development activities are periodically reviewed and revised in partnership with the investors and based on economic trends, successes and yearly work programs.