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Do you know of a business that has shown ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication?

Have you witnessed a business who has achieved excellence in their field and/or made significant, observable changes or accomplishments in our community?

Do you know a minority or woman owned business that deserves recognition for their perseverance and dedication?

If so, please nominate them today for one (or more) of our five awards to be awarded in August.  The award winners will receive their awards at our 1st Annual Business Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, August 18 at the Manhattan Conference Center

Nominations have CLOSED...Stay tuned for winner announcements at our luncheon August 18th

Awards Criteria

Businesses nominated must be a member in good standing of the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce


Cornerstone Award

Lifetime achievement award.  This business will exemplify what being a “solid pillar of the community” is all about.  It is given to a local business that has demonstrated growth in sales, employees and/or services since its origination.  Additionally, it will be evident of active participation in the business community and their impact on the local community with association involvement as well as community volunteering.


  • Operates as an established business in the Manhattan area
  • In business in the community at least 10 years
  • Added jobs to the Manhattan area
  • Displays pioneering/trailblazing activities
  • Encourages public/private partnerships and other creative financing structures
  • Nurtures human capital through improved workforce skills, training, and educational opportunities
  • Business has not received the Cornerstone Award before

Women/Minority Owned Business Award

Recognizes diverse business leaders and decision-makers across all industries who have a proven track record of excellence in advocating for others within their communities and workplaces throughout the local community.


  • 50% or more owned and operated by a woman/minority and shows evidence of success as measured by sales and profits
  • How does the business demonstrate diversity in its community? (i.e. hiring practices, diverse clientele, multiple languages offered, cultural competency training, diversity in marketing and advertising, etc.)
  • Women/minority-owned leaders of businesses who challenge the status quo, honor achievement and celebrate diversity
  • Women/minority-owned businesses who have contributed to the economic diversity and success of women/minority communities in Manhattan
  • Business has not received the Women/Minority Owned Business Award before

Tourism Development Award

This award is presented to a business that has made a significant contribution to the tourism industry in the area.  This business has created a new, innovative product, policy, service or event to promote and enhance tourism in the local community.


  • Business that has leader whose exceptional commitment has significantly enhanced and perpetuated the tourism industry in our community
  • Increased tourism, arts and/or entertainment opportunities
  • Generated significant impact on Manhattan tourism within the past year

                              a) Increased the number of visitors to the community

                              b) Increased visitor spending

                              c) Increased percentage of return visitors

  • Business has not received the Tourism Development Award before

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

This award will celebrate the entrepreneur who has led the way for their business.  The nominee will demonstrate true entrepreneurial spirit through the creation of a new business locally, despite the risks involved.  The entrepreneur will be noted for the creativity of the new product or service being offered as well as the demonstration of sound business practices.


  • An individual who has demonstrated the ability to get things done, lead the charge and take action
  • Possess a hunger for opportunity
  • Serves as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • ’The best of the best” in terms of overcoming obstacles, believing in their dreams and taking risks
  • Business has not received the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award before

Small Business of the Year Award

Awarded to a small business within the Manhattan community that exemplifies both business and civic leadership.  Community involvement, management practices and overall financial performance are the primary criteria for this category.


  • Business must be established locally and have been in business for at least 2 years
  • Business must have less than 25 full time equivalent employees
  • Business has demonstrated employment and revenue growth
  • Provides exemplary customer service
  • Business must demonstrate community leadership by participation in community activities and contribution of their time, effort and resources
  • Business must demonstrate exemplary business practices, including the use of quality products and/or services and conduct business in a facility with an attractive image
  • Business has not received the Small Business of the Year Award before

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