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Toolkit Thursdays

January 14, Noon
How to automate your answers to customer queries through Messenger

In this pre-recorded webinar, learn how to use Messenger Bot to answer your business's frequently asked questions. It can be simple to create a bot. Spectrum's co-founder will describe how to do just that and also how to sell product via messenger. Spectrum works with clients such as eBay, Groupon, T-Mobile and more. They will share their wealth of experience around the use of Messenger Bot.

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January 28, Noon
Introduction to Facebook and Instagram: how to set up your presence

In this pre-recorded webinar you will learn how to build your business's online presence with a Facebook Page and how to get started on Instagram. Find out about the free Facebook and Instagram tools to jumpstart your business online.

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February 11, Noon
Non Governmental Organizations - Beginners guide to Friday for Good

In this pre-recorded webinar we will help support charities set up an ad campaign, with creative or marketing support, with getting a greater understanding of ad policy or ads credit use, and many other questions.