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Increase Your Holiday Sales with Google Tools
Thursday, October 19, Noon - 1 p.m., Manhattan Chamber Boardroom

Learn quick ways to promote your products online using Google tools as consumers shop during the holiday season. We’ll show how local brick-and-mortar businesses can list products on a Google Business Profile. We’ll also cover Google Merchant Center, a no-cost tool that allows both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar businesses to create free Product Listings on Google. This workshop is most beneficial to small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to drive holiday sales.
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Addair Law_navy

Drive Traffic to Your Website with SEO (3/24/22)

Hosted by one of Google's internal SEO experts, this workshop will give you a behind-the-scenes view into how Google approaches SEO for its own sites. You will learn practical strategies that you or your web development team can implement to help drive traffic from Google Search to your site. FREE for members. 


Toolkit Thursday: Showcase your business & products to shoppers online (11/41/21)

To help your business stand out this holiday season, this workshop offers strategies for building your online presence to reach new customers, optimizing your e-commerce site, and shows you how to list your products on Google.

Toolkit Thursday: Create YouTube Videos That Attract New Customers (7/15/21)

Video is one of the most powerful tools that small businesses can use to reach more customers and inspire them to purchase. Whether you’re thinking about making your first DIY video, or cranking out your 20th video, there are creative styles, techniques and best practices that anyone can learn to create more compelling content. In this special creative workshop hosted by YouTube’s creative leader Maxwell Hawes IV and Grow with Google, we’ll review a few different styles, hear from a few experts, and get you started on the way to shooting an engaging video that beautifully showcases your product, your business, and you. 


Toolkit Thursday: Tips and Tricks of Zoom (6/17/21)

Over the past year we've learned there are some good reasons to use Zoom for meetings. It is valuable when we are unable to get together in the same room. But, we've also all learned that we don't always feel comfortable using Zoom. We have this nagging thought that there's got to be a better way to use Zoom.

This fast-paced session will focus on some of the capabilities of Zoom that many people avoid or do not know about. Did you know that you can record your Zoom meeting and then share it with participants? Did you know that you can change the way participants look on the screen? What are some things you can do when you are sharing your screen? We'll talk about these and much more as we explore some Zoom Tips & Tricks.


Toolkit Thursday: Sell more with an engaging email marketing strategy (5/13/21)

Once you’ve started selling online, you may be looking for new opportunities to market your products and services. Email marketing can help you increase sales by reaching customers with the right message, at the right time. In this Partner Digital Series workshop hosted by Google and Constant Contact, you’ll learn how to engage customers with well-designed emails, segment your customer base to deliver tailored messages, and track performance to refine your strategy. 


Success in 60: Team Building: An Everyday Activity (4/30/21)

Presented by Amy Gross with Dale Carnegie - Kansas Heartland
The most effective teams are comprised of individuals who mutually feel confident, empowered, connected, and valued. The most effective leaders recognize that building a strong team is a daily activity. As we move back to the office it is especially important to be intentional about building our people and our teams. This workshop is designed to provide you with the tools necessary to create a value-driven culture that will raise confidence levels and make employees feel valued, connected, and empowered to achieve higher levels of performance as a team.

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Addair Thurston


Success in 60: Covid Relief Programs for Businesses – Tax Implications and Latest News (04/01/21)

The relief programs created by last year’s CARES Act have many tax implications for businesses. Tom Martin, from Sink Gordon & Associates, will share what you need to know related to programs like the Employee Retention Tax Credit, Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), local county CARES-funded small business grants, and more.

Attendees will also receive an update from Sarah Haymaker, Deputy Director of the Wichita SBA District Office, on SBA-administered programs funded by the recently-passed American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, including: 

  • Shuttered Venue Operators Grant
  • Restaurant Revitalization Fund
  • Targeted Economic Injury Disaster Loan Advance
  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

Would you like to see the recorded version of this webinar? Contact Sharla.

Sponsored by:
Addair Thurston

Toolkit Thursday: Microsoft 365: SharePoint (04/08/21)

Join the Networks Plus team as they talk about the benefits and features of Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive for your organization. The past year has shed light on new file sharing and storage practices, and the trend is sure to continue. How can your business or organization benefit and evolve by implementing new practices? And how do you best protect your data with these new practices?


Toolkit Thursday: Microsoft 365: Teams (03/11/21)

Join us as members of the Networks Plus team talk about the difference in Microsoft 365 subscriptions and perform real-life demos of how to use the Microsoft Teams platform to increase efficiencies and communication in your business/organization. From video meetings, to file sharing, to creating team task lists – Microsoft Teams has many functionalities that can improve the way your team collaborates.

Would you like to see the recorded version of this? Email Sharla for the link.


Toolkit Thursday: Work Smarter with Google's Productivity Tools (02/25/21)

You already use Google Workspace, Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Docs, and more. Now what?

This workshop hosted by Laura Mae Martin, Google's Executive Productivity Advisor, will share productivity tips to help you work faster and smarter. You'll learn how to organize emails into tasks in one step, use voice-to-text typing in Docs, create Calendar work blocks to manage your time, and more.


Success in 60: Sell online with Shopify  (02/16/21)

Speaker: Kyra Dreiling, Director of Retail Sales, K-State Super Store

Learn the steps to set up your online store using the Shopify platform. Kyra will be covering how to obtain a free trial of Shopify, steps to add your products, key pages for your online store and how to customize them. Before the hour is up, you will have an understanding of how to launch your store as well as how to market your store. 


Toolkit Thursday: Non Governmental Organizations - Beginners guide to Friday for Good (02/11/21)

In this pre-recorded webinar we will help support charities set up an ad campaign, with creative or marketing support, with getting a greater understanding of ad policy or ads credit use, and many other questions.


Toolkit Thursday: Introduction to Facebook & Instagram: How to Set up Your Presence  (01/28/21)

In this pre-recorded webinar you will learn how to build your business's online presence with a Facebook Page and how to get started on Instagram. Find out about the free Facebook and Instagram tools to jumpstart your business online.


Toolkit Thursday: How to Automate Your Answers to Customer Queries Through Messenger  (01/14/21)

In this pre-recorded webinar, learn how to use Messenger Bot to answer your business's frequently asked questions. It can be simple to create a bot. Spectrum's co-founder will describe how to do just that and also how to sell product via messenger. Spectrum works with clients such as eBay, Groupon, T-Mobile and more. They will share their wealth of experience around the use of Messenger Bot.

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