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Leadership Manhattan Request for Proposal - Community Class Project 2022

  1. Guidelines

    The mission of Leadership Manhattan is to ensure the vitality of our community by providing a continuous source of motivated leaders who are educated about the community, its challenges and opportunities; as well as, prepared and inspired to assume leadership roles in the Manhattan community at all levels. The Leadership Manhattan Board invites your organization to submit a proposal for a project that you believe the 2022. Leadership Manhattan class can complete between February 2022 – April 2022. 

    • In order to apply, please submit your proposal no later than Wednesday, December 8, 2022
    • The Leadership Manhattan Board will review applications and select proposals for further review and final selection by the 2022 Leadership Manhattan class. 
    • Please ensure you or a member of your organization is available on Tuesday, January 11 to address questions from the class. Organizations will be notified by December 16 if they are selected for this brief class Q&A session.  
    • Notification of final project selection will be made no later than Thursday, January 26. 


    Guidelines for Project Proposals:

    • Must be realistic in scope and able to be accomplished in the given time frame
    • Should produce results for your organization that allow it to better serve the community
    • Should allow Leadership Manhattan class members to work together for the good of your organization – please note the class is made up of 14-20 members from across the Manhattan community.


    To learn more about the Leadership Manhattan program, please visit: For questions, please email or call Sharla Meisenheimer at or (785) 776-8829. 


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